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I recently returned a horse that I had adopted from Crossed Sabers/SWAP to her.This horse had a few issues that caused him not to be a good fit for me.

He was very horse aggressive, leary and flighty in a trail setting, and had no common horse sense that comes from life experience since he had been on the track. Celeita has recently began posting to get him adopted out again. I checked her post and she has completely lied about this horse. It would be great if she could just be shut down conpletely but that will probably never happen.

Whenever someone does adopt this horse they'll just end up returning him also because he won't fit the description at all.I'm attaching screenshots of my description of Mark to her and her description of him on PetFinder.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Don't Lie.

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Duncansville, Pennsylvania, United States #911263

or you could have actually INVESTED $ with a certified trainer & taken the horse to them to have it worked and evaluated...your a typical *** person who thinks you can ride wonder so many horses are sent off to slaughter.......

do us a favor ..DON'T adopt any'll only return them...

btw, your teaching your family to do the same to you when you become difficult!hahaa

to Dobby #968920

you are not the first person with the same lies and issues.I adopted three horses from celetia, was told great trail horses.

after bringing them home, I realized none of them had probably ever seen a trail in their life. I still have them all, I love them to death, thank gosh they are not and were not aggressive. with a lot of time, they have became good trail horses. But they were nothing as described.

Celetia is in this for the money, i'm not saying she doesn't love the animals but she has put up her boo hoo story about loosing the farm and blah blah blah for many years. I remember that about 5 years ago she only owed somewhere around $54,000 on the entire farm, she was taking donations and a auction to raise money, but she continues to boohoo about loosing the farm, oh I need money. I also remember her posting that she was going to have to let the horse "free range" because she couldn't afford to feed them. Nice and she calls herself a rescue.

I've also spoke to people that have had the same issues, in one case they have pictures of the horse at the time they returned it, in a very Healthy state, only to have her post an ammaciated pic of a horse months later saying this is how it was returned. She cost the adopter a lot of money. She likes to use "I'm a veteran" (of which I highly appreciate) but stop using it for pity. I'm a veteran also.

You'll find her little followers; its probably really her under an assumed name, like the person above my post, using foul language and defend her to the death.

To her little followers; Dobby, your a joke, its probably really Celetia under an assumed name, using foul language and defend her to the death. she must pay them well lol. No horse is totally bomb proof, BUT when the description is as deceiving as the descriptions of what Celetia says, only to deceive the adopter, and she tells you the horse is good with other horses, then causes injury, a great trail horse; then has never been out of a round pen, in all reality she has now placed her adopters in danger.

Because an animal is not suited for a certain person and is returned to her, does by no means say anything wrong about the adopter...

and does not make them someone that would send a horse to slaughter.Maybe this person is smart enough to know when their being LIED to.

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