Crossed Sabers Stables - Celeita Kramer has comitted Fraud, acts of Libel, Slander & more

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Celeita Kramer at Crossed Sabers Stables/Second Wind Adoption Program has been committing fraud for years now. She has libeled & slandered people who do not see eye to eye with her on her website for the entire internet world to see. Even thou people have had proof that her claims and comments were lies and just vicious attacks on an individual’s, she would continue to leave them on her website until attorneys sent her a cease & desist letter or a local official of the law was notified and brought into the picture.

She was recently investigated for animal abuse & neglect. The reports put forth went to PETA & local officials. She herself stated on her website: "Unfortunately, if some horses aren’t placed into homes soon. We will have to start putting down horses that we can’t place and that have been here over a year". All of the horses ARE still alive.

That statement above shows the attempt to violate her own "Adoption Contract". Here are a few sentences from an email that made it into the hands of city officials it is another point on how Celeita Kramer is running this adoption program:

1)" These horses are all free, all you have to do is sign our adoption contract and take them. I can't feed them anymore. My only choice if no one adopts them is to start letting horses loose and let them fend for themselves. We don't have any more money to feed any of them".

2)"Someone give these guys a chance or they will be let lose in the woods behind our pasture. I don't even have the money for the vet to come and put any of them down and I don't see anyone getting adopted soon". This was sent out 2 days after the posting of "Putting Horses Down" on her website.

FRAUD: somebody who deliberately deceives somebody else, usually for financial gain.

Copies of her infamous "Blacklist" where numerous accounts of libel & slander are located can still be found on the internet. Reports were made on this as well to local officials & now the "Blacklist" has mysteriously disappeared from her website. This has happened time & time again. She takes it off the site & puts it back after awhile. She has tampered with many people’s lives with this list. Many of these were just personal vendettas. Please see these 2 links for further info:

Thank you

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8 of 8 Crossed Sabers Stables reviews
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Interested in all you Celeita

Sep 16, 2011 #345067

Not one of you mentions being a consumer or donating any money and or horses to the program. makes me wonder what you have really been doing besides whining online about a wonderful program that finds horses homes. There are enough of you (supposedly, hard to tell as this is the internet and you can say you are whoever you want) to open your own rescue/adoption program. SOOOOOO if this place is so bad and you all feel for the horses, Get off your lazy, whining rear ends and open a place yourself! Right all her supposed wrongs. yes it is easy to post something online. Not easy to actually get out of the house and do something.

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Truth In Knowledge

Apr 07, 2015 #968940

well here ya go, I have donated several times $500.00 each time. I stopped after figuring Celeita out. She Doesn't work, she's never there anytime I was at the farm, I work and take care of my farm, my rescue horses from Crossed sabers, and help rescue and save horses from slaughter. I don't ask for money, I decided to to do this on my own so it was my choice. She threatens, lies, misrepresents the animal, places peoples lives in danger with these lies about the personality and training of the animals she is adopting out to families

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May 27, 2010 #147676

She may be Bi-Polar? Seems to have an 'on/off' switch personality

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Former Swapvolunteer

Dec 22, 2009 #97040

Yes, of course I asked Celeita for proof of 501(c)3 and what I got was a vicious return email telling me I didn't care about horses!

The people who were on her Board of Directors when I started volunteering all were 'fired' when they asked for more info. At the time Celeita was begging for money to pay the mortgage. The farm is solely owned by Celeita though her poor ex husband is still on the mortgage even though she promised his attorney to release him.

I had a friend who would have donated a very nice horse and when she asked for IRS info she was told that it must be under a different name like SWAP LLC. I looked up ANY AND ALL Charitable organizations in WV and did not find anything remotely related to Celeita's business. My friend called the IRS and no...there was no SWAP or Second Wind nothing. I doubt there is now! She did register as a charity in WV and had a year to produce documentation...guess that year should be up.

Here are the charities listed on IRS Schedule 78 today 12-22-09
Araiza Revival Ministries Inc. West Union WV USA --
Central Station Community Development Inc. West Union WV USA --
Childers Manor Inc. West Union WV USA --
Doddridge County Fair Commission Inc. West Union WV USA --
Doddridge County Humane Society Inc. West Union WV USA --
Doddridge County Senior Citizens Center Inc. West Union WV USA --
Doddridge Ecumenical
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Sep 25, 2009 #74914

Just ask the locals. She's a nut is what you will hear.

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Sep 11, 2008 #33824

Celeita is a crazy lunatic.

sic..." Continue to stick your head up her *** and into her business. You are only making her stronger and the program bigger and her supporters more determined. You haven't figured out what ever you give out to the world you give back 10 fold.... so all of you will get your just rewards. "

If she only gets back "2 fold" what she has given out - that would be enough to make her slit her own throat. hmmmm - is she desperate enough to do that yet???

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former swapvolunteer

Sep 08, 2008 #32951 New Castle, Delaware, United States

Here is the place at the IRS to write about the improprities regarding donation tax deductions, lying about 501(c)3 status amd soliciting horses and dollars as a charity when in fact she is not - under ANY name!

TTENTION: all donors, adopters, ppl that have given $$$ donations etc. please write your letters to this address (address given from the IRS themselves today).

I.R.S- EO Classifications
MC 4910DAL
1100 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75242

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Aug 27, 2008 #30609

to former swap volunteer Sue M. Did you actually ask Celeita for proof of her 501c3 status? or are you just listening to some more of the lies. Why haven't any of the donors or accountants gotten her in deep doo-doo over it. Why haven't any of the companies she buys stuff with her non-profit # come after her for saying she was a fraud? I've never seen anything like this happen. You think it's a fake number? Are you insane or just making stuff up? I'm through with this bull. Ive got better things to do, like go hang out with my family....

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Aug 27, 2008 #30604

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention how she uses the non-profit # on all the stuff she buys for the horses. Pretty easy to find that out. oh and to correct my own mistake, get 'your receipt' when you donate something of value (over $25) to the program. Can't get a write off for under $25.

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Aug 27, 2008 #30603

this is in reply to the person who doesn't believe SWAP is a legitimate 501c3 , well, i work in the office and have helped Celeita with 8283s for donor who are looking to put the value of the horses they donated on their taxes. You can't do that without a non profit # to give the donor and their accountant! I have given the number over the phone to donors. Believe me, plenty of donors write off the horses they donate, since some are quite valuable. You all don't know what you're talking about, don't have a clue. If you want real proof, donate something to the program and get you're receipt and tax write-off.

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Proof Please

Aug 21, 2008 #29614

Celeita has a track record of accusing people of that which she is quilty of, but this stuff about having put people in jail is such a load. It is just another of Celeita Kramer's attempt to devert attention from herself, other wise in her hateful slanderous writing, she would say who, where, when, case, jail, county, charges. She doen't list any of this cause it doesn't exist, except maybe in her own past where she may have been jailed for something.

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Aug 21, 2008 #29483 Coatsville, Missouri, United States

Can Celetia provide the letter of approval from the IRS that states the IRS has granted SWAP or Crossed Sabers a non profit, 501c3 status? I understand from discussions personally with the IRS, that this letter is sent out to each approved charity and should be displayed or shown by the agency if requested as proof.

So I am requesting proof, I would like to see a letter from the Internal Revenue Service which grants 5013c status to SWAP or to Crossed Sabers.

If Celetia can provide such documentation or ANY documentation, then she should. Or provide a phone number of the person she dealt with at the IRS, or even come to think of it, I understand she gives receipts with a charitable tax exempt number on them - what about one of those? Surely she has some sort of PROOF that she is what she claims to be and if so, should not be reluctant to share such proof with the public.

So for those that are sticking up for Celetia..that's the challenge. Provide one shred of concrete evidence from the IRS that states 5013c status has been conferred to Swap, Crossed Sabers or Celetia herself.

And none of this nonsense about 8282's..unless you have a letter demonstrating that the IRS has conferred charitable status on the org.

So far I've waited a few years now, and have never seen any proof that if I were to donate money, my donation would be tax deductible. And no, I have NEVER worked for Celetia, either
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Amanda Stewart

Aug 20, 2008 #29343 Attwood, Victoria, Australia

"Written by a friend, on 19-08-2008 09:39 " and other posts here seem to be copied/pasted from Celeita's own emails, including comments about someone's 8K chest-enhancement and a 6K figure job.

This poster also states something to the tune of "you don't know what it takes to run this program"

A little slip up perhaps? I also think this is Celeita posting herself--

Again, be wary of any dealings that will tie you to this person, be it adoption or donation of money, items, or horses

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Amanda Stewart

Aug 20, 2008 #29336 Attwood, Victoria, Australia

My name is Amanda Stewart and I was also slandered/libeled by Celeita A. Kramer of SWAP/Crossed Sabers on her website blacklist--because of my views about equine slaughter. My response to her blacklist can be found on the COTH forum on the topic. I received two threatening emails from her as well.

I am not worried in giving my name--I am more than prepared to back my statements.

It appears that the blacklist has been removed, but, should it return, I will reinitiate a lawsuit on slander/libel/defamation to defend myself.

I have never met Ms. Kramer, nor has she ever been to my farm or seen any animal I own or have ever owned. Likewise, I have not visited her farm.

In preparation for a legal suit, I performed a background check on Ms. Kramer's education, and found she does NOT have the degrees she espouses, with the exception of an elementary art degree. My complete description of this can also be found on the COTH forum. She does NOT have an equine degree or aviation degree, among others, as was previously listed on her website.

I also phoned the IRS and the State of WV. Crossed Sabers is licensed as a stable and that is IT. This "group" of one person is NOT a charity, not a 501(c)3 or any thing of the like according to the IRS. SO, if you donate, it will NOT be tax deductable.

I have also phoned and met several others who have worked with and adopted from this "program"
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former swapvolunteer Sue M.

Aug 19, 2008 #29162

so, who is not identifying themselves?

'a friend' is obviously Celeita IMO. Just check out the post on Chronicle of the Horse forum with the emails she has sent various people.

'haha' - Celeita again IMO- same language as an email I received.

Diana ?- well I wasn't sure about this one because why would Celeita say she was 501(c)3 when it has been proven she isn't and she claims that 99% of her supporters don't care! So, maybe this was actually Diana, though it would be the very first time Diana has spoken up to anyone ever. I believe Diana avoids conflict and confrontation at any cost. But, since Diane, who types the forms says Celeita is 501(c)3 - that must be what Celeita claims and what Diana believes. So there is more proof that the intent to fraud is actually there.

This makes me sad, I too tried to convince people that Celeita was 501(c)3 back in 2001 when there was a posting on a BB. I believed her and didn't know you could actually check it out! Now I wished I had listened to the person who said it, but I wish he had explained how to check it out.

The IRS says " Ask to see the approval letter" if you have any questions about status of an organization.

Sadly, SWAP is based on lies and in this difficult economic time, the horses need all the help they can get and for Celeita to improperly use 'the system' and pay for her personal farm and her 5 personal horses and
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Aug 19, 2008 #29114

you all are a hoot. A Friend is right. you all are *** and no one uses their real name except Diana. That tells me a lot. Why do you hide behind a false name. Oh wait, we know the reason, you're lying.

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concerned wv person

Aug 19, 2008 #29081 Miami Shores, Florida, United States

Dear "A Friend" aka Celeita. I know the people in the Tyler county magistrate offices....yes the letter was sent....yes they are all glad you are GONE from here....yes they are laughing at you....still.

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a friend

Aug 19, 2008 #29080

oh, so many lies about my friend. She never said she was a 'corporation', you don't need to be a corporation to do non profit, not for profit or animal welfare work in WV, you can be a sole owner, an LLC, a partnership or any structure of company. You see you all are doing a lot of talking and not doing any study or research, that is why you're arguements are soo sooo flawed.

Additionally, I know, she never sent that letter to Tyler Co. so we all know that witch from Tyler Co is lying about the Tyler Co. officials,.... lies lies and more lies. When are you all ever going to get your facts straight.

Celeita is right, she has never seen so many jealous women in her life... they all have their head so far up her ***, I'm amazed they can see to walk.

Its actually hilarious that this is all you all have to do with your life. This is the last time I was be here, I have better things to do that argue with liars, disguntled employees, frauds and people who are just jealous because they don't have the guts to do the work that Celeita has done for 12 years now. Let's see, how many horses has she saved... thousands, all those owners love her, all the good adopters love her.... its just people who don't want to take care of their horse that doesn't like her, the ones she has taken horses from. Cat and Maria are going to be among that group soon for breach of contract, those horses deserve much better homes than they are in and I'm certain
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Aug 19, 2008 #29057

Celeita has her business license located right on her bookshelf in the office just like she has since i knew her. She has all of the old ones too. Tyler Co. "officials" maybe be laughing for whatever reason, but Celeita helped Tyler Co. horses, a young, wild, ASB colt and an ASB/QH gelding who only knew people and cows, get into good homes with experienced horse people. So you all can go on sucking on your sour grapes. Celeita continues to get the support of good and knowledgable people and has no need to worry about the likes of you all. Why don't you all go read some of the Happy Endings on the Crossed Sabers website and read the story of Emily, the last of the 1st Lewis Co. rescues to be adopted into a wonderful home. Have at it!

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